7NEWS: New study reveals how screen time can impact your child's school performance

Study on Australian adolescents revealed that screen time could impacts their school performance.

The Daily Telegraph: School night scrolling lowers NAPLAN results: study

A study to understand the ideal number of hours Australian adolescents spent playing video games or surfing the internet.

UNSW Media and THE LANCET Media: Chronic diseases and public health failures fuelling COVID-19 pandemic: study

The latest findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) were published in The Lancet.

Science Trends: Do Children’s Developmental Vulnerability Vary Over Locations?

Two standout issues that were found to be significantly associated with the five domains of children’s early development vulnerability — family financial capability and family composition (single or couple).

Science Trends: Synthetic Salinity Model- An Alternative To Expensive And Time-Consuming, Ground-Based Soil Salinity Measurements

A new statistical technique was developed that measures salinity level in coastal areas using Geographic Information System (GIS). This would allow monitoring of the salinity levels in Sundarbans (and such coastal areas) without resorting to conventional soil sample surveys, which are generally too resource-intensive.